Monday, July 07, 2008

Snap the Web

A new service,, has launched today that allows you to take a snap shot of any web page, highlight it and share it with others via RSS. Below is a sample snapshot I did of the Edupunk page on Wikipedia.

The service also has a 'Digg' function, where pages that are 'snapped' more frequently are posted on the main page for others to see as they access the service.

From an educational standpoint, this type of application could be invaluable as a way to collect resources and bookmarks prior to a research paper or project. Students could paste their 'snaps' on a single page and use that as the beginnings of their bibliography. The ability to add visual content to bookmarks that are shared is a big plus and also gives students an additional frame of reference for their information.

The Tech Crunch Blog did a big write on Sazell here.

The site is in 'private beta' now, but I just typed in 'TechCrunch' as the invite code and it allowed me to create an account.

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