Thursday, July 31, 2008

Omnisio: SuperCool Educational Tool

Google has purchased Omnisio, a site that allows you to take YouTube videos and edit the clips and create new videos to be posted on YouTube.  You can also add PowerPoint slides from services like SlideShare, etc. to the videos.  For those districts who have unblocked YouTube access this could be an awesome creative tool for teachers and students.  I like the ability to create a video lecture with only the specific clips I want and adding slides to the mix where the teacher or student can do the voice over on those slides.  You can then embed the video into a website or wiki.  Awesome! 

- TechCrunch Announcement of Google's Purchase

- Review of Omnisio from KillerStartups

- Omnisio Website

Now, I know some of you are saying.... I can't use this tool, my district blocks YouTube.  Well, Here is what I would advise... Create the video you want using Omnisio, post to YouTube and then download to your hard drive and use at school or send out as an attachment or post to another video hosting service that is not blocked by your district.  I have seen many of these services, but the one I like that allows embedding and has good picture quality is Vimeo

Below is a video from Dan Meyer, a teacher in San Lorenzo Valley, CA, which is just down the road from me.  I got connected to Dan from reading Will Richardson's blog last week and really liked the video below on classroom management and I am a HUGE fan of "The Wire."  I also want to show you the quality from the Vimeo site.

dy/av : 006 : carver's classroom management from Dan Meyer on Vimeo

Does this have the potential to change your teaching... your students learning?  I think so?


The Mind Machine said...

Thanks Kyle, this is great.

Anonymous said...


This guy is doing some great work - all new teachers should watch this stuff. Everyone should watch The Wire.

Robert said...

Kyle - never used Omnisio but it sure looks like it has a lot of potential - I've always wanted to find that site that allows editing / shortening of clips and adding your own stuff. Now you'll have to join me in getting SUHSD to life the ban from YouTube (and others.)

Kern Kelley said...

Hey Kyle, Dean Shareski did an audio interview with Dan about his videos, worth a listen.