Sunday, April 12, 2009


It has been quite some time since I have posted on this blog for a variety of reasons... select the best reason for my length of time without posting.

1) Too busy being the Vice Principal at Woodside High School

2) Too busy working on curriculum for a variety of projects.

3) Too much e-mail and blog entries to get through to have something to write on. (Finishing Spring Break today and I had over 1,000 entries in my Google Reader account and at least 30 response necessary e-mails in my 'In Box.')

4) Too busy playing on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Well, given the fact that I have had a week off and have been able to catch up on everything, I have found a few cool things that I will share with you. One of these things is 'LifeBlob,' which is an online time line for any events you want to place in the time line. The LifeBlob that is shown below is the time line for all of the posts on this blog. You can upload content from 'YouTube,' 'Flickr,' 'Picasa,' or 'Twitter.'

I can think of many different projects in Social Science, English and Science where an online annotated timeline would assist students in constucting their own linear progression of events and/or actions. The strength of a LifeBlob is the practice of constructing the timeline and applying knowledge in a real and visual way. It is different from recreating or memorizing a timeline created by the teacher or text book publisher.