Friday, July 27, 2007

Two Great Online Tutorials

A few months ago, I embedded a video titled, "RSS in Plain English." The video was done by Lee LeFever of the CommonCraft Show. I really liked the way that the video simply explained RSS and how to set up a feed reader. The video also didn't concentrate on one type of reader but gave a few options. (Google Reader and Bloglines)

Recently, I found two additional videos done by Lee and the CommonCraft people, titled: "Social Networking in Plain English" and "Wikis in Plain English" I'm embedding them into this blog post below, so you can just click on them and watch them from this blog. (Remember embedding of media we talked about a few weeks ago with the Simpson's Slide Show!)

Social Networking in Plain English

Wikis in Plain English

I think all three of these videos are a great way to introduce these concepts to teachers and to students in your classes. They are also a great refresher to keep around when you forget the basic concepts in each of these areas.

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