Monday, July 23, 2007

Passion: It's The New Word... What Does It Mean?

There have been several members of the 'EdTech Bloggerati' (a term I just coined.... and defined... I can do that in the read/write web!) over the past two weeks using the term, "Passion" as the source of student learning and teacher energy.

Is it just paying homage to Kathy Sierra? Or is there a deeper connection to being passionate about what an individual does?

(I actually initially saw this picture when I was out with the family at the local Red Robin restaurant and it just screamed... Passionate!) (Keith Baker - Playtime)

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So, as you can see, there has been enough 'passion' in the EduBlogosphere to go around. But where is it going and what does it all mean? I think that is the question many people are asking because it forces us to try and fit it into the current context of what is happening in schools and about learning. The point of 'passion' for some is that it doesn't fit within the current context of teaching and learning.

The debate goes on and I, for one, am enjoying the conversation, the debate, the synergy, and the energy 'passion' has instilled in process.

More to come...

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