Monday, July 30, 2007

Phishing: A Few Basics

Phishing: is the practice of sending a fradulent e-mail (spam) to someone in the attempt to get them to reveal personal information that will allow the phisher to illegally access the victim's online banking, shopping or other online (e-commerce) site and transfer or use the assets available on the site.

Why am I sending this to a group of teachers? Because you, and your studnets, need to be aware of these types of schemes and it clearly illustrates the need for Information Literacy and Digital Citizenship skills in our schools.

As part of this effort, I would like invite you to take a short quiz that will ask you to determine which e-mail or web page is a phishing scheme and which one is legitmate.

This article and the short video below will go into phishing in a little more detail.

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Rick said...

I just found your blog. I am not a teacher or involved in the education community outside of being a Security Professional. A good portion of my job deals with communicating security related information to a wide range of people, some technical some not. I think you have done an outstanding job communicating subject matter that can easily become confusing, in a very clear and meaning full way.
I would love your permission to link to your blog for some of my future postings within my company.
Great Job!