Saturday, June 30, 2007

NECC fall out and the swirling literacy storm!

I have been spending the past few weeks, a little busier than I have been, but still engaged in what has been going on around me. I presented at the GoogleIT CTAP sessions with Kathleen, Jerome and Cheryl, which was pretty awesome and I have blogged about recently and I have been working as the Summer School Principal at San Mateo High School.

I blogged last week that I was dissappointed that I could not be in Atlanta, but I think being here and reading what other's have written, including: David Warlick, Vicki Davis, Wesley Fryer, Will Richardson, Mark Wagner and

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Lisa Guthridge said...

Another great idea! We have a wonderful new library in San Mateo. I wonder how many of the high school students currently attending summer school have been there? Is it time for a few English classes to take a field trip?? :-)