Monday, June 18, 2007

Google IT - Blogger and Reader Links

Well, the page I was using in the Google Groups has locked me out from making any changes to my Blogger / Reader page for the Google IT Group, so what I am going to do is to give you a blog post that you can link back to that has all of the links for Blogger and Reader. This list is not meant to be all inclusive by any means, but it is a place to find several resources all in one place that you can refer back to when you start school in the fall.

Kyle's links

- Blogging Techniques for the K12 classroom
- Vicki Davis' How to become an Incredible Blogger
- Vicki Davis' - Ten Habits of Bloggers that Win
- Vicki Davis - How to Comment Like a King (or Queen!)
- Miguel Guhlin - Edublogging Tips
- Will Richardson - Why Weblogs?
- Will Richardson's Presentation Page
- Will Richardson's - Blogs for Professional Development
- Will Richardson - Getting Serious about Blogs in Schools
- David Warlick - Blog Reflection Rubric

- RSS in Plain English Video
- How to Use Google Reader - Andy Wibbels
- Google Reader FAQ's
- 10 Smart Hacks for Google Reader
- Lifehacker: Getting Good With Google Reader
- Lifehacker: From Bloglines to Google Reader

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Diana Kenney said...

Hey Kyle,

Could you give me the link to the two guys from Kansas State who wrote the paper on building global citizens/community? Do you have a write up of what the class at you school teaches? Thanks for all the great changed my focus on what's important to teach our students. Diana