Friday, June 15, 2007

GoogleIT - Your First Post

Well, if you are reading this on Tuesday, June 19 in San Rafael or on Wednesday, June 20 in Pleasanton, you are probably about an hour into session 3 of the GoogleIT Workshop. As you have probably already learned, there are many different types of blogging and each has its own educational benefit. You can vary your blogging style as your needs change as well.

As you get better, you'll start to do more with the tools available to you and you will only be limited by your own imagination. Remember, blogging is about communication and the exchange of information, you decide how much information to reveal and part of what we need to teach students in what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to reveal in a public forum like a blog. I suggest teaching an information literacy and digital citizenship unit (I like to suggest the work of Ribble and Bailey at Kansas State) before you start to have students blog. There are also 'safe blogging' tools available to your students. The best of these is 'Class Blogmeister' developed and hosted by David Warlick.

So, what are you going to do on your first blog post? Introduce yourself....

Your first post is going to be just text and graphics. (Like the picture of me and my friends above?)

Here's what you'll do:

Name: Kyle Brumbaugh

School / Position: Capuchino High School - Technology Coordinator

Professional Goals for 2007-08:
1) Increase the connections between our Global Communications program and other classrooms around the world. (David Ratner's Blog - Geoff Hinman's Wiki)

2) Expand the Digital Bridge program from Capuchino High School to some of the local middle schools, particularly Parkside Intermediate.


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