Sunday, January 01, 2006

Distance Learning Materials and Ideas

As most of us have heard over the past several years, there has been a movement toward 'Distance Learning.' Distance Learning is the use of some media to deliver content to students away from the traditional school setting. There has been Distance Learning courses for over 30 years. Most of us can remember the 'TV' courses that started in the 1970's, where students would watch the class content on a television at home and report to class for tests or to turn in assignments. Distance Learning using the Internet as the delivery medium has several advantages over older Distance Learning programs. Almost any type of activity that you can use in your regular face to face (F2F) class, you can adapt for use over the Internet. Delivering content over the Internet is going to get easier and easier as time goes by. Most of the text and still image based tools are already available (e-mail, assignments, calendars, document posting, digital lockers, etc.) to you via School Loop. As time goes by we will have many other tools available to you, including: podcasting and Breeze. Teaching with iPods.

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