Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Guerrilla Journalism and Fun Stuff

Has journalism changed over the past few years? Some would say that with blogs, like this one, there is a greater access to information and that it allows more people to read and comment on what is going on publically. Some of the top breaking news stories are now being reported by what are called 'Guerrilla Journalists.' Now, anyone with a notepad, laptop and a camera phone can be a reporter and have their accounts of events blasted all over the Internet and in many times picked up by reputable news agencies. And now the trend is actually flowing back the other way... Many of the big media agencies: Television networks, large newspapers and magazines have too much content to use in their regular editions and are posting blogs, podcasts and live video on their websites.

Want to talk to anyone in the country over your computer for free and use an interface that shows you their location using Google Maps? Kinda cool - Skype and Mapping There is also a site that uses Google Maps to show the location of open webcams from around the world. Find the area you want to see and narrow your search.

Theater hopping... Here's a site that will make it a little more interesting....

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