Saturday, June 21, 2008

Congrats Esther!

Congratulations to Esther Wojcicki, a phenominal English and Journalism teacher from Palo Alto High School to being named to the Creative Commons Board. Esther's work with students at Palo Alto and the work the students have done in their online Journalism program is a model that I think will soon be replicated by schools all over the country. I know Capuchino High School is moving this way as I write! (One of my last acts as I moved to Woodside High School, was to get an online journalism class piloted.)

I first met Esther when I attended the Google Teacher's Academy in November 2006, when she presented Google Docs to our group, before it was really out to the public.

I am personally looking forward to Esther's contributions to the Creative Commons board and the direction I see coming in relation to Copyright, Share-Alike and other types of creative licensing of original works and the role they play in the educational process.

Again, congratulations to Esther! We are all looking forward to great things!

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