Sunday, February 03, 2008

Social Mathematics: CQ + PQ > IQ

I have been missing being able to blog the past few weeks, since over the holiday season and into the new year since I was working on the revisions to the SMUHSD Tech Plan, and it's subsequent submission to the State Department of Education, and on developing the 'Guerrilla Learning' wiki for my presentation yesterday at the Silicon Valley CUE conference. I just learned I will presenting the Guerrilla Learning at the CLMS Statewide Conference in Sacramento at the end of February. I was very pleased with the reaction the presentation received yesterday and will do a little refining before I present it again at CLMS.

This morning I have been catching up on reading blogs and looking at what some of the new conversations are in the EdTech Blogosphere. There are a few posts that really caught my eye... the first was a 'YouTube' video that Miguel Guhlin posted on his blog that was a mashup of a Barack Obama speech intermixed with actors and other notable people repeating the words along with him. It was very powerful, but I began to think about what has contributed to this resurgence of populism and the inclusion of more young people in the political process. The video, produced by from the Black Eyed Peas and Bob Dylan's son, Jesse.

I am very interested in Barack Obama's campaign, since he is the only presidential candidate who has made a positive statement regarding net neutrality. Danah Boyd makes an appeal for Obama on her blog post this morning stating that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are very close except for the net neutrality issue. Net Neutrality, I believe is necessary for our government and educational system to be transparent and grow in a postive direction.

The other post I read this morning that caught my eye was Scott McLeod's post on Dangerously Irrelevant, where he links to an American Association of School Administrators article of Daniel Pink (A Whole New Mind) interviewing Thomas Friedman (The World Is Flat) about education and the future. The interview went back and forth connecting each other's work into an educational setting. The piece that struck me right between the eyes was when Friedman made the point that in China and India, college graduates are great in math and science, but have trouble innovating because they have aren't well rounded. Friedman mentions that both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were college dropouts. Friedman, then related his equation that he uses to explain the dominance of the United States in world economics. CQ + PQ > IQ or Curiosity Quotient plus Passion Quotient is greater than Intelligence Quotient. Pink then added that humans are naturally curious and that, the educational system takes that out of them. It is a great article and will definitely be the basis of future discussions out on the blogosphere. I can't wait for the 2 Million Minutes Documentary to come out and for me to look at it using this filter!

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Wow you make alot of good points. The Net Neutrality is an interesting thing to take into account in an election.