Saturday, September 15, 2007

Animoto: A New Twist on Home Video

This is a video I produced online in about 15 minutes, using a new service called: Animoto. Animoto allows you to upload your pictures to the site, add music from their library or add your own and then render the video. When finished, you can e-mail the video to your friends or embed it to a blog like this.

Very cool... I can think of a few projects that could use something like this....


Sharon Eilts said...

Isn't it wonderful that we have so many free tools at our fingertips? Education needs this support now.


Kevin Jarrett said...

Hey Kyle,

Isn't it GREAT? Handy tip: use PowerPoint to create text slides, export those to .JPG, include them in your Flickr stream, and PRESTO! Instant title slides! Here's an animoto I did to start off our school year with this technique:

The kids in my K-4 computer lab were ROCKIN' to the beat, and so was I, visualizing how FUN and EASY this will be for KIDS to use in school.

One possibility: imagine Student Council campaign made videos with this thing! BRILLIANT. (TOS says age 13 & up, though.)