Wednesday, March 07, 2007

School 2.0 - Learning 2.0: Expanding the Circle

David Warlick has had a few posts over the past week about the transition to 'School 2.0.' The most recent post is about the issue of being 'rigid vs. flexible.' Steve Hargadon started a Google Group on 'School 2.0.' which I joined, but there hasn't been much activity on the group.

The point that I would try to make about 21st Century Literacy is that as students become more adept in using the skills, that the compactness of the circle David used in his post begins to expand. As the circle expands, there is more space between the students and more of the communication lines travel outside of the circle. You have three lines traveling outside of the circle in this diagram, I would suspect that you would see many more as student skill increases. This would also be the case for the physical stucture of the school. The current assembly line school structure would become looser and looser as the learning skills of the 21st Century are adopted, teachers are trained, and best practices are established. As for teacher training and learning in general, I am taking a more constructionist approach where students will create as a process to learn, therefore teachers will not be the 'possessor of all knowledge' but the one guiding the process and becoming a 'lead learner.' So, instead of titling this 'School 2.0' we might be better off calling it, 'Learning 2.0.'

Not that anything in this post is new, but it is just a slightly different way at looking at the same set of information. I want to see the conversation expand to include more voices, which will give the depth and width to the process that is necessary to make the necessary changes happen.

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